The model railway club was started over 40 years ago. Initially named the Bourton-on-the-Water MRC, the original ‘clubhouse’ was a double garage in Bourton owned by a local doctor, who was a founding member. Two of our current members have been with us for 40+ years.

Since that time the club has had many homes in Bourton and in surrounding towns and villages, ranging from church rooms to an outbuilding at a pub. As is so often the case, after a few years we were forced to move on for various reasons, having to meet in people’s houses while another home is found for the club. This often resulted in layouts having to be dismantled. The photographs below show some views of what we were able to achieve with our previous layouts.

For many years we held an annual exhibition in Bourton, which was hard work for a small group but a very enjoyable day. An extended period without a clubroom or a club layout made it impractical to continue but one day, who knows?

The membership has changed over the years but the club has never been large. As a number of members are now based in Cheltenham and with the move to our latest premises some years ago, we decided a change of name was appropriate to reflect our current circumstances.

Who knows what the next 40 years will bring?